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macdonald168Iain MacDonald started Avonlea Communications in 1999 when he was living in the small town of Avonlea, Saskatchewan. He and family had just moved an iconic Eaton's house from a farm two miles south of town onto a main street lot, where they lived and he worked in between making lunches for children, encouraging homework and music practice, and driving to sports, band and dance.

Iain has degrees in Political Science and Education (With Distinction) from the University of Regina, and over the years has done freelance work, been an editor at an educational publishing firm, Director of Public Affairs for public broadcaster Saskatchewan Communications Network, managing editor of KWD Magazine, and now 20+ years of working with diverse and interesting clients and project partners.

Iain has been devoted to the study, performance and teaching of bagpipes and this has been reflected in communications work, writing, and other activities, not the least of which has been organizing and teaching pipe bands and solo pipers. One of the projects he loves picking away at is an online archive of Saskatchewan pipers, drummers and pipe bands. Iain teaches at the Conservatory of Performing Arts at the University of Regina.